2 comments on “At the State Fair…

  1. Yes, people watching is a must especially in busy areas, cafes, piazza, malls…fairs. I still feel uncomfortable taking photos of strangers. How do you handle it?

    • Usually in a way so they don’t know I was taking it. The carousel shot had several parents lined up with cameras raised to try and take pictures, so just joining them was fairly inconspicuous. The other kids I took from fairly far away (so the resolution is bad since I had to crop it way in.) But yes, it is really awkward for me to take street photos, so I usually stick to other subjects. I have a friend who does amazing street photography shots, but he has a much better camera and a great telephoto lens, so he doesn’t have to get close to get very sharp, gorgeous photos. But he’ll often just ask if he can take a picture, which I am usually too shy to do!

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