5 comments on “Shopping

  1. The really scary thing is that I bet the store will find buyers easily enough. Given the profit margin, they won’t need many!I read once about American stores which sell fresh fish in packages, and the very same fish inside the fish counter outside of packages, for which they charge more. People think it must be fresher. On the other hand I saw a similar thing with the deli meat here in England, except the packaged versions (done in-store) are more expensive than the same meat hand-carved in front of your eyes. Now what does that say: that consumers in all countries are equally irrational, but in their own unique ways? Ach, these humans…

  2. Ya, I guess we are the ‘want it now’ generation, so I suppose they are catering to people who would go to McDonalds. What bugs me is when they post prices as 5/$3, 10/$18, hello! I need a calculator! Ha ha. I mean c’mon don’t make me do math when I’m shopping, I have enough on my mind.

  3. It’s just that insomniacs are such cheapskates! Snifflers are willing to pay more for their relief.This also means that snifflers are subsidizing insomniacs. I hope they’re grateful.Also, maybe there are stricter testing necessary for OTC allergy meds than for OTC sleep aids and they are just “fairly” passing on those costs to the customers which required them (I have no idea).I’ve heard that the fundamental rule of pricing is: “Whatever the market will bear”. Smart folks like you spoil all the fun. 😉

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